Living in Northern Colorado, you likely have already had somewhat of an introduction to craft beers. After all, it seems like every corner you turn onto in this city is now the home of a new craft brewery. As someone with access to such amazing beverages, we thought we would help you out when it comes to hosting. At World Beverage, we carry a large selection of craft beer, all of which is sure to make a great addition to a fantastic meal. On the other hand, this is likely only to occur if you are pairing the right beer with the right meal. Continue reading below to uncover how to properly match your meals and your beers.

What Is Craft Beer?

In general, craft beer is agreed to mean any all-malt beer that is brewed using traditional methods and ingredients. These beers are made in a range of colors, strengths, flavors, and sensations. This makes this sort of beer perfect for pairing with meals.


It is likely that at some point or another you have learned a bit about pairing wines. This is the most common incidence of pairing when it comes to food and drink. The basic rule is that white wine is supposed to be paired with white meats, including seafood, and red wine is to be paired with red meat. While similar guidelines are offered for pairing craft beers, the lines are not as black and white (or white and red rather). Let’s discuss the best ways to pair craft beer and meals.

Matching Strength Levels

While this may seem like common sense to some people, others do not have as much experience with drinker beer, let alone craft beer. With that said, one of the very important aspects of pairing food and craft beer is to consider the strength of both. If you are drinking a beer with a strong flavor, you’re going to need to pair it with a meal that can hold its own. On the other hand, if your meal is light, we would suggest pairing it with a delicate beer.

Finding Harmonies

The best combinations of food and drink work because they share a common ingredient. For example, both English-style brown ales and handmade cheddar cheese share a certain nuttiness that makes them go absolutely splendidly together. Finding these commonalities is key for pairing.

There Is A Lot To Consider

There are honestly a ton of different factors that can help you when you are trying to find a golden pairing. Some of these things are bitterness, sweetness, spice (heat), richness, and carbonation. All of these different traits can make or break a pairing. It’s important to remember, however, that you won’t get your pairs right every time.

Don’t Rule Out Classics

If you check out different food or beer sites on the internet, you are sure to find classic combinations that will help to teach you why certain foods go well with certain beers. For example, a very common combination is eating Schnitzel while drinking a pale lager. Search for classic combinations and figure out why they work.

You Might Have To Practice

Speaking of trying different things to figure out what works, pairing requires a good amount of practice. Even a pairing that you believe could not fail under any circumstances could turn out to be a total flop. The key is to keep trying things out. Over time, you will absolutely get better at knowing what goes with what.

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