In our last post, we spoke about what it is like to be a lifelong lover of wine and why wine is such a popular choice for our customers. While we know that wine is one of the beverages people tend to flock to, we are also aware that many people prefer other types of alcohol. One of the most popular types of alcohol that our customers come in looking for (especially since we are located in Northern Colorado) is beer. With a wide variety of beers at World Beverage, we thought we should touch on why this drink tends to be so popular with people far and wide.

Beer is Tasty

While you may not have felt this way when you had your first beer, brews are extremely satisfying as far as their taste is concerned. Sure, there are people who will argue that not everyone likes beer, but it’s our opinion that those people are just wrong. Since there are so many different types of beer, all of which come in a number of different flavors, we firmly believe that there is something for everyone if they are interested in broadening their horizons.

It Makes You Feel Good

While this may not be the line of someone the morning after a few too many beers, having a cold beer or three every once in a while can have you experiencing quite the enjoyable buzz. And since beer is so low in alcohol content (normally between four and six percent), it’s much less likely that you will go from zero to wasted when you are imbibing in a few. Not to mention, the Indiana Alcohol Research Center found that just by tasting beer, you can trigger the production of dopamine in your body, which is the chemical that makes you happy.

It is Refreshing

There are few things that will be more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cold beer. Between the fizz, the taste, and quenching your undeniable thirst, you can be sure that you will cool down in no time at all.

It is Fragrant

While flavor is a huge component to beer, there is a lot more that people love about it. One of the things that stands out about a beer is the unique way it smells. You can tell a lot about a beer before you ever taste it by simply smelling it. You are sure to pick up on different aspects of the beer like whether it is fruity, earthy, sharp, bright, fresh, or something else.

It is Very Diverse

Truly, think of a flavor you love and we guarantee you can find a craft beer that is made to taste like that flavor. Whether it’s chocolate banana beer or a Wasabi-flavored brew, we guarantee it exists.

Beer is Communal

There are few things that bring people together more than sharing beers. Whether it is at an after-work happy hour or a weekend backyard bbq, you can bet that it won’t be complete until everyone is sipping on an ice cold brew.

Beer has a Story

You may not be aware but beer has been around for a very long time. In fact, beer was consumed by ancient farmers who are known to have built the first agrarian civilizations, as well as Egyptian workers while they toiled along the Nile River. Plain and simple, you are ignoring a sacred and ancient tradition when you forego a beer.

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