Throughout an average year, there are plenty of different reasons that you gather with your family and friends to celebrate some sort of occasion. When you have an event like this, it is customary for everyone to drink champagne. However, finding the right kind of celebratory beverage isn’t always as easy as you would think. In this post, we are going to help you to learn how to choose the perfect champagne for any and all occasions. Continue reading below to learn more!

Know What Your Options Are

We realize that champagne isn’t everyone’s favorite and therefore, we have lumped in both sparkling wine and MCC in this conversation. So what is the real difference between these three? An MCC, also known as a methose Cap classique, refers to a wine that is fermented in a bottle.

Champagne is very similar, with the only difference being the type of grapes that are used. Champagne comes from certified grapes that come from a specific region in France.

Lastly, sparkling wines are just wines that have been carbonated, in the same way that a soft drink is made.

Should You Choose Sweet or Dry?

When it comes to sparkling wines, MCC, and Champagne, there are many different choices as far as flavor is concerned. Quite literally, there is something for every occasion. If you are looking for a dry taste, you will want to try anything that reads “extra brut” on the label. For something that is a tad sweet and a touch dry, simply go with anything that says “ brut” or “demi-sec”.

Pay Attention To The Appearance

Most people do not know that the main thing you should concern yourself with when you are drinking champagne is the way it looks. Notice the color, the size and finesse of the bubbles and the general carbonation. If you are drinking a high-quality Champagne, you will notice that it has a light-gold or pale yellow appearance, without any sort of cloudiness. Younger Champagnes will be lighter while ones that are older will have a darker appearance.

Additionally, the smaller the bubbles, the better the Champagne you are drinking. Smaller bubbles promise a lighter and smoother consistency.

Chill & Serve

There are many different ways people will serve Champagne, however, the best way is the most classic: in a flute glass. This glass is the best because it allows for enough space for the aromas of the Champagne to be appreciated, but it also is a small enough space that the bubbles will not be lost.

Be sure that you chill Champagne for a minimum of 4 hours before your service it so that it is between 42 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit when it is served.

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