Chances are you have seen an at-home bar at one point or another and thought to yourself, “I really need one of those.” In television shows like Mad Men, in-home bars (or in-office bars in this case) are commonplace and therefore, often taunting you with the nostalgia they often bring with them. And while hitting the local bar scene to throw back a few cocktails is always a nice treat, don’t you wish you had the option to have any sort of drink you are craving at any moment while also in the comfort of your own home? Additionally, talk about a way to impress guests that you have often. An at-home bar oozes sophistication and will certainly make your host/hostess score go up by at least a couple of points. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in that bar you have been considering for so long. Below you can uncover some of the best advice we can offer on building an at-home bar that will suit you.

Start Small & Slow

We’re going to be honest, building the perfect at-home bar is going to take a while if you don’t want to break the bank. But there is no need to worry, start now and before you know it, you will have built out a bar that any homeowner would be proud to call their own. We would suggest that you start by choosing three to four spirits that you like, a handful of bar tools, and a set of four glasses. These are basics. With these items, you can get used to how your bar space will work and begin to organize so that you will be ready to continue building your bar from this point on.

Don’t Buy Liquor You Don’t Like (To Begin With)

Many people think they need to invest in every type of liquor that exists in order to please everyone who will be requesting drinks from their bar. This is absolutely not the case. It’s pretty rare that a person would only drink one type of liquor and one type only. Buy what you like, and then for special occasions (ie. when the girls come over for martinis), you can purchase that vermouth that you otherwise would have no use for.

Start Building Your “Toolbox’

There are many tools that bartenders have access to that give them the ability to make a number of special cocktails. To begin with, however, we would suggest that you only buy a handful of these basic bar tools:

  • A large shaker that will allow for you to make more than one cocktail at a time.
  • A serrated knife for cutting citrus
  • A cutting board
  • A jigger (double-sided shot glass that is used to measure alcohol by the ounce)
  • Corkscrew/wine key
  • Bottle opener
  • A muddler
  • A set of white towels (so they can be bleached)

Invest In Imperative Mixers

There are a number of mixers that are used in cocktails and this can be overwhelming for someone who is just building their at-home bar. We would suggest that you start with the following:

  • Club soda
  • Tonic water
  • Ginger beer
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Orange juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Bitters – While not necessarily a mixer, bitters do come in handy when you are making a number of different cocktails.

Start Your Glassware Simple

You don’t really need glassware that is incredibly fancy or expensive. Additionally, don’t buy glasses for specific drinks you know you won’t be imbibing. Love a bourbon on the rocks? Invest in a few lowball glasses. Love cosmopolitans? Invest in a set of martini glasses. Plain and simple, your bar is for you first and foremost.

Ask Friends To Contribute

Any host with even the littlest bit of experience probably feels mildly strange asking guests to bring anything at all to a gathering. On the other hand, asking your friends to bring over some of the least expensive necessities for cocktails isn’t going to be a big deal for them. Sure it might seem silly, but those tiny expenses really do add up quickly, especially when you consider how much you are likely are going to be spending on spirits alone.

Buy A Couple Of Cocktail Books

Sure, you may never be Tom Cruise’s character in Cocktail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself about cocktails in your free time. Purchasing cocktail books will allow you to do just that. Not to mention, they are sure to come in handy when someone requests a drink you have never heard of before.

Keep Citrus On Hand

When it comes to having an at-home bar, you are going learn very quickly that citrus is your best friend. The relationship between fruit and booze is a beautiful one, so stock up on lemons, limes, and oranges. Believe us, you’ll be happy you did.

Have Beer & Wine On Hand

While you might be a big fan of mixed drinks, not everyone likes liquor. This is why it is important that you also have wine and beer on hand all the time. We would suggest that you have a red wine, a white wine, and a dark and a light beer anytime you know you’re going to have people over.

Shop In One Place

Building your own at-home bar is a process but it doesn’t have to be when you are shopping at the right place. You can find everything you need and more when you shop World Beverage in Loveland. We have a large selection of wine, beer, and liquor. Stop in to see us today and tell us you are starting your personal bar journey. Our knowledgeable staff can help you to find everything you need.

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