Liquor Spotlight - Gin

If you are not a gin drinker, you might find it hard to believe that this spirit is actually the most diverse of them all. We know, this might sound like hyperbole, but the thing is, gin is the liquor that pairs the best with the largest number of flavors. Because of this, we are taking it upon ourselves to give gin a little shout out this month. In this post, we are going to discuss what gin is, where it came from and some of the reasons that people enjoy this spirit so much. Continue reading below to learn more.

What is Gin?

If you want to talk about the very best gin, you have to start with the most important ingredient, and that is juniper. While gin isn’t technically distilled FROM juniper, it is distilled with it. In the most common form of fin production, the base of the distillate is almost anything, but the second round of distillation means that juniper is added.

Why juniper, you ask? For the most part, juniper has always been used for its medicinal properties. For over 1,000 years, juniper was thought to hold healing essentials that worked to remedy a number of different maladies.

Is there a technical definition for what gin actually is? Well, yes, of course.  Generally speaking, gin today is a neutral spirit that is distilled with juniper and other botanicals. This loose definition is why we consider this spirit to be the most diverse. The different botanicals used to distill this alcohol allow for incredibly varied flavors, something no other spirit can claim.

A Brief History of Gin

The origins of gin are thought to date back to the Netherlands in the 13th Century. Known as genever, this drink was made by distilling malt wine so that it was around 50 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). As you might have guessed, this drink wasn’t particularly enjoyable to drink as it was only really used for medicinal purposes at the time. In fact, depending on how it was distilled, genever often tasted like vodka or whiskey.

Most commonly, these drinks were sold at pharmacies and were prescribed to alleviate kidney ailments gallstones, or gout. However, when genever was discovered by the British in the late 16th century the future of gin was forever changed.

British soldiers would drink genever before they went into battle since it was known to calm the nerves. This is when English distillers started to make their own version of genever, which was eventually shortened to ‘gin’.

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