Coming from the Russian word “voda” meaning “water,” Vodka is a crystal clear spirit that many people prefer to drink over other types of alcohol. One of the main reasons this spirit is used in so many cocktails and with a number of different mixers has to do with the lack of taste and smell that Vodka has. It truly goes well with nearly everything! With that said, we have chosen to take a closer look at this popular libation. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about this type of alcohol below so that you can be more informed the next time you stop into World Liquor to find the perfect bottle of vodka for your next big occasion.

What is Vodka?

In the most technical definition, vodka is simply a distilled spirit that is made from combining water and ethanol. This combination is fermented, distilled, and filtered and can be made from a number of things that can go through the same process and end up making some sort of alcohol. These things include sugars, fruits, corn, grapes, grains, roots, and you guessed it, potatoes. While vodka is very popular in America, it has been a staple of many European countries for hundreds of years.

How is Vodka Different?

Seeing as how vodka can be made from seemingly anything, it is much different from other types of alcohol. For the most part, vodka is an extremely neutral spirit, or it should be if it is of good quality.

The History of Vodka

Around since the Middle Ages, vodka started to form portions of its lore and personality when it was first forged in countries like Poland and Russia. However, while vodka is extremely popular today, there is not very much information regarding where vodka came from or how it came to be in the first place. What we do know is that when vodka first made it was used for medicinal purposes and the alcohol content would be at about 14 percent at maximum. These days, vodka is made to be 40 percent alcohol, and in many cases, even higher.

The popularization of vodka in the United States truly began in the 1960s when the first James Bond movie, starring Sean Connery was released. His famous line asks for a vodka martini, “shaken, not stirred,” and prompted curiosity in the general population and bartenders alike. Further on, in the 1980s, vodka began to be used in popular cocktails like Cosmopolitans, leading to more and more people drinking it.

Vodka in the Summer

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits that people drink during the summer months and for obvious reasons. Seeing as how vodka is known for its levity, versatility, and refreshing quality, it goes perfectly with the summer season. Light and crisp, vodka is precisely what the doctor ordered during the long, hot summer days. Pair it with a light mixer like tonic water or club soda, add some fruit and you suddenly have an incredibly refreshing summer cocktail.

Popular Vodka Cocktails

There are a number of vodka cocktails that are incredibly popular. Some of the most popular, however, are as follow:

  • Kamikaze

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Screwdriver

  • White Russian

  • Vodka Martini

  • Cape Cod

  • Sea Breeze

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