Everyone who likes to drink tends to gravitate towards a certain alcoholic beverage that causes them to let go of the inhibitions and enjoy a brief period of pure bliss. For some of our customers, their libation of choice is beer, while others prefer cocktails. However, one of the most widely sought after drinks people seek out in our Loveland liquor store is wine. Red, white, rose, and more, wine holds a very prominent place in history, as well as in our hearts. If you are someone who appreciates a nice bottle of Chianti or you are interested in fostering a newfound liking for wine, check out why we think this drink is one of the greats below.

It’s Not Peach Schnapps or Cheap Tequila

Everyone can recall a time in their life when the best libations were not necessarily available to them. The many late night trips to local gas stations and liquor stores where the cheapest and least refreshing beverages were obtained are luckily far behind us, however. And now that you don’t have to drink hooch out of a dirty cooler located in someone’s parent’s front lawn, you can use your trips to your local liquor hub to purchase something that will not only tickle your palate but also please your next-day-self and the lack of migraine you will be experiencing. Plain and simple, wine is delicious and it doesn’t cause that metallic clenching of the jaw that comes along with many lesser alcohols.

Wine Classes Up the Joint

Whether you are heading out on the town with your girlfriends or you need a day at home acting as a 24-hour hermit, a bottle of wine is certain to make you feel even just a touch fancier than normal. Believe us, there is no shame in visiting your local liquor store at 10 am in your most comfy sweatpants and Rams hoodie. After all, as soon as you pluck your favorite bottle of wine off the shelf, you will instantly be transformed into a weekend debutante, brimming with sophistication (and even last night’s smeared eyeliner cannot question your poise and refinement).

You Can Serve It as a Course

We don’t mean to discourage anyone from eating, but wine can be quite a fine meal all on its own. Whether it be from a box or a bottle, two glasses of wine will fill you with the warm fuzzies and leave you wondering if you really do want to roast that whole chicken tonight or if it can wait until tomorrow. And let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a friend to support your procrastination. Wine can be that friend.

Wine is Perfect for Special Occasions

Many people associate wine with toasting to something special, or with elegant affairs and we tend to agree with them. Wine makes the perfect addition to any wedding, birthday party, lunch break, or Sunday morning brunch. Additionally, you can reward yourself with wine for a number of reasons. Did you finally get that promotion at work? Buy a bottle of wine! Have you finally mastered a new skill? Buy a bottle of wine. Did you wake up and take a shower before heading into the office? You’ve got it! You deserve a bottle (or two) of wine!  

Wine is Fruit So It Will Positively Impact Your Overall Health

Haven’t made it to the gym in a couple of days? Forgotten what is actually included in a salad? Don’t worry! Wine is made from grapes which means it absolutely has to be healthy, right? Not to mention, given the choice between running a marathon and sipping a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, we would certainly always choose the latter.

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While drinking wine certainly comes with a number of benefits, the true reason people drink it is because they like it. They like the taste, they like the smell, they like the buzz. So what are you waiting for? If you are someone who enjoys a myriad of wines and you want to have a large selection to choose from, check out our selection of fine wines in our online store or stop into World Beverage today and take a look in person.

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