What is natural wine

If you are even just a tiny bit interested in wine, it’s likely that lately, you have been hearing a lot about natural wine. Whether you are a fan of Action Bronson and his colorfully-named television show on Viceland, or you have heard murmurs of delicious natural wine at bars around town, you likely know that it is a bit different than the wine the majority of people are used to drinking. In this post, we are going to discuss what natural wine is, how it tastes, the benefits of drinking it and more. Continue reading below to find out more about your new favorite alcoholic beverage.

What is Natural Wine?

According to the most reason edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine, natural wine is defined as thus:

Natural wine is made when grapes are produced by small-scale, independent producers. These grapes are hand-picked from sustainable, organic, or biodynamic vineyards and are then fermented with no added yeast, no additives, and little to no sulfites.

This means you are drinking wine in its purest form essentially. Without the many additives that prevent pests and preserve it over time, the wine’s real flavor is more present than ever when it is natural.

Tasting Notes

If there was a good way to describe this more truthful flavor, we would compare it to listening to an acoustic guitar set after only ever attending concerts where the electric guitar was blasted through amps. Natural wines are yeastier, gamier, and just plain funkier. Not to mention, you do not get the clear appearance you do with other wines. Natural wine comes with its own lovely cloudy appearance, adding to its mystery. Ranging from fruity to yeasty,natural wines come in a wide variety so there is a good chance you will find more than one that you love.

Is Natural Wine Healthier For You?

One of the things people like best about natural wines is that it makes sense that they would be better for you than those that contain additives, sulfites, or any other manipulations. While this is partially true, it is not entirely accurate.

The first thing you should know is that wine sulfites are a really a bad thing. We are going to get into this but in the wine community this point divides many as wine sulfites have never truly proven to cause ‘wine headaches’.

The second thing you should be aware of is that natural wines are unfiltered as well as unfined. This means that there are impurities present in the wine whether they be microbes or proteins. This also means that because of the use of natural yeast that there may also be higher numbers of biogentic amines in the wine. Biogentic amines like tyramine have been studied and were shown to cause headaches and migraines definitively.

Lastly, wines that are sulfite-free are more unstable in the long term. Overall they are extremely sensitive so if they are handled improperly, they might spoil.

Must-Knows About Natural Wine

On the other hand, we know you are going to love it. So let’s assume you have your eyes on an amazing bottle of natural wine. How should you proceed?

  1. Make sure that you always buy your natural wines from local retailers to reduce the chances that the wine will have spoiled during transport.
  2. Drink your natural wine within the year of purchase(unless it contains sulfites)
  3. Store in your refrigerator, cellar, or wine cooler.
  4. Never let the bottle get above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Keep the wine away from all light sources.
  6. Store wines that have been open sealed with a cork in your fridge.

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